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Microgrant: AEMP Landlord Tech Watch

We are excited to announce the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project (AEMP) as one of the recipients of our Regional and Local Privacy Microgrants! The AEMP is a volunteer-run housing justice collective using data visualization, critical cartography, and community organizing to fight dispossession and evictions upon gentrifying landscapes in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City.

Landlord tech (aka “proptech”) refers to the products and platforms used to control and surveil residential spaces, subjecting tenants to new forms of housing injustice. In collaboration with other local organizations, the AEMP launched Landlord Tech Watch as a platform for information on harms associated with landlord technology. They also offer resources on tenant rights, toolkits for how to keep landlord tech out of one’s home, and the opportunity for residents to self-report how landlord tech is being deployed in their buildings and neighborhoods.

Our funding will support the research and writing of two reports on landlord tech harms in San Francisco and New York City - both epicenters of proptech development and deployment. These reports will hopefully empower tenants by providing useful information in understanding the harms, histories, and geographies of landlord tech in these cities. Ultimately, these studies aim to serve coalition, policy, and housing justice work in the fight against landlord tech abuse.

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