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Our mission is to educate the public about privacy in digital communications and to develop tools that anyone can use. By embracing "privacy by design," we help make digital security and privacy more accessible to everyone.

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As a member, you join a growing community of privacy enthusiasts, researchers, and developers working toward an open and secure internet.


Unlimited 4G Internet

Calyx members, at the Contributor level or higher, enjoy unlimited 4G internet via a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.


New Device Offerings In Stock!

We are excited to announce that Franklin T9 hotspots are now in stock! These devices include the following great features:

-4G LTE technology, connecting up to 15 Wi-Fi enabled devices
-Band-locking capability
-User-friendly display allows you to see text and icons on the device
-Can be run without a battery, directly from wall power
-Pocket-sized and lightweight yet durable

We haven't yet chosen any new device for our Contributor Plus membership level. Unfortunately, we are completely out of stock of Mifi 8000s, and our hardware provider will not be making any more available to us to distribute. We apologize for the inconvenience, but hope that you find our new device offerings as exciting as we do!

We're hiring: Junior Membership Coordinator

Update: We are no longer accepting applications for the Junior Membership Coordinator position. Thank you for your interest!

The Calyx Institute is hiring a Junior Membership Coordinator to play a key role in communicating with and facilitating support for our members, assisting with our administrative backend, and creating and maintaining record-keeping systems. The Junior Membership Coordinator will represent Calyx through professional, responsive communication with the members who support the Institute, pack and ship membership benefits to donors, and improve our administrative processes.

As a small but growing nonprofit, Calyx is looking for someone who can work both independently and in close collaboration with our team. Information about the position and how to apply is available here.

Linkzone 2 Hotspots will ship soon!

Hi all! We're so excited to offer you new device options for your Calyx Institute memberships.

If you have already signed up to recieve a new Linkzone 2 hotspot, we will be shipping these out as soon as they reach our office. As of this moment, we are expecting them to arrive on Monday September 21, at which point we will be packing and shipping them out as fast as possible. The Franklin T9 hotspots are still en route from our supplier, and we hope to have them ready to ship from our office very soon.

Any members who have experienced a delay between their signup and recieving their device will receive a membership extension to compensate for the delay. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at

New Devices Are Here

We're changing the devices available to members after receiving word from our supplier, Mobile Citizen, that they will no longer offer the MiFi 8000 and the CoolPad Surf and are replacing them with the Franklin T9 and the Alcatel Linkzone 2.

If you are an existing member, nothing about your membership will change. Replacements for in-warranty devices will still be available from our hardware supplier, Mobile Citizen. For out-of-warranty replacements, we will be able to provide MiFi 8000s or CoolPad Surfs until our limited remaining supply runs out.

New members can now sign up at the Contributor level and choose between the Franklin T9 and the Alcatel Linkzone 2. Signups for the Contributor Plus level are currently disabled while we research a replacement device for the MiFi 8000, which is no longer offered. We'll post any updates about this when they are available.

If you are already a Contributor Plus member, your membership will not be impacted and can continue to renew as usual.

We expect delays of up to a week while we wait for the first shipment of new hotspots to arrive. The new devices have all possible T-Mobile and Sprint bands for increased coverage. Currently, we have no information regarding how the merger will impact our membership, and at this moment we can only confirm that our devices run on the Sprint network.

However, the Sprint acquisition of Clear in 2013 resulted in dramatically increased coverage for members, and we are hopeful that this merger will have a similar result. As soon as we get these new devices in, we will be able to share more information about their capabilities and availability. Once we have more information about these devices and the ongoing merger, we will post an announcement on our website.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Contributor Plus Membership Sign-Ups Closing Soon

As of 5 PM today, September 11th 2020, we will be discontinuing signups for our Contributor Plus level of membership while we consider new device offerings and potential changes to our membership levels. We thank you for bearing with us while we implement these changes!

Current Contributor Plus members will not see any change to their memberships, and all current devices will continue to be supported by The Calyx Institute and our hardware provider Mobile Citizen.

Unlike previous times when our device offerings have changed, we're excited to have several options available. We are taking the weekend to thoroughly review them and to choose the ones that best fit our mission and member needs.

We will have more details to share Monday, so stay tuned to our website and social media for more updates!

Thank You New Visions Foundation!

The Calyx Institute has received a generous contribution from the New Visions Foundation, a private grantmaking foundation. This gift will help us develop a device flasher for the CalyxOS mobile phone operating system. We're grateful for the financial support and we look forward to developing an easy-to-use tool to flash CalyxOS onto compatible phone models.

We want to hear from you!

Do you have questions about getting set up with a new membership, or checking the details of an existing membership? Please reach out to us at helpdesk@! Email is by far the fastest way to reach us. Our team is available to answer your emails, even at times when we may not be available by phone.

Have questions about technical issues affecting your hotspot? Please give tech support a call at 877-216-9603.

Our Membership Coordinator is out of office 8/26/20-9/1/20

Our Membership Coordinator Catie is headed off on vacation for a few days, but she'll be back soon!

All new memberships and device replacements initiated between 10am Wednesday August 26th and 10am Tuesday September 2nd will ship starting on Tuesday September 2nd. We thank you for your patience!

For help with any membership issues, please reach out to our team at by helpdesk@ and we will respond ASAP. For help with any technical issues, please call tech support at 877-216-9603.

Help us make new privacy tech accessible worldwide!

Love our mission and want to help make online privacy accessible worldwide?

The Calyx Institute is looking for skilled speakers of Arabic, Russian, Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese and other languages to help translate the user interface for our new a free open-source smartphone OS designed with journalists, activists, and other at-risk individuals in mind.

If you can help, please email catie@ calyxinstitute. org for more details. Learn more at

Introducing Calyx Meet: secure, anonymous, free video conferencing for everyone!

Looking for a free video calling option that prioritizes privacy over profit? Want encrypted communications, but don't want your personal information leaked to advertisers? 'Zoom' on over to Calyx Meet : secure, private, anonymous video conferencing for everyone! No account sign-up required: just visit to create a meeting room and enjoy free, anonymous calling with no time limits!

Calyx Meet is just one of the many tools we have created to further our nonprofit mission of promoting privacy and accessibility online. All of our projects are made possible through the generous support of our members. If you enjoy our tools and support our mission, consider joining us as a member today!