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Calyx Institute Membership

Calyx Institute Membership

Membership has real benefits

Becoming a contributing member of the Calyx Institute is one of the best ways for you to ensure that we can continue our efforts towards education, development of best practices with respect to Internet privacy, and development of technology to foster free speech, freedom of association and civil engagement.

Depending on your membership level, when you join Calyx Institute there are many member benefits:

  • Internet: Truly unlimited 4G wireless internet, via a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot (at the "Contributor" and "Contributor Plus" membership levels).
  • Community: Calyx members are part of a growing community of privacy enthusiasts who take part in Calyx's public events, panel discussions, trainings, and film screenings (mostly in the NYC area).
  • Secure Digital Services: Calyx is actively developing new security and privacy tools that we make available to our members, such as easy VPN service, secure mobile backups, privacy-focused Android OS, secure chat, and much more comming soon.
  • Education: As a member of Calyx Institute, your contribution goes to support our educational work and to provide free or at-cost internet to non-profit organizations.

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