Membership in the Calyx Institute has real benefits

Becoming a contributing member of The Calyx Institute is one of the best ways for you to ensure that we can continue our efforts towards education, development of best practices with respect to Internet privacy, and development of technology to foster free speech, freedom of association and civil engagement.

When you become a member, there are a number of benefits that we make available to you, including invitations to all of our panel discussions and events, becoming part of a community of other privacy researchers and developers. Memberships at the "Contributor" level include the ability to have 4G wireless data network access as well as wireless modem or access point hardware.

Calyx holds events including free film screenings and panel discussions several times a year and you can be on the invitation list by becoming a member of our community.

The privacy test-bed is a software suite that aspires to redefine best practices for users of the internet and for online service providers. In its initial phase it simply provides an encryption layer for Internet traffic. In a later stage it will provide encrypted cloud-based email services and file storage. The privacy test-bed comes with a software client that can run on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux or Android. It can be used in conjunction with the 4G wireless data service, or over any standard Internet connection.

When you create account credentials on the privacy test-bed, it is important to note they are not linked to your account on this website. You will have two different logins and passwords.

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Create an account on the privacy testbed by downloading the client software, installing it and creating your credentials from within the client

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