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CalyxOS Privacy Champion Membership now includes Pixel 7a phone

Our CalyxOS Privacy Champion membership is back, now with the Pixel 7a as a membership premium! CalyxOS phone memberships are a great way to invest in a more private phone experience, as well as support our nonprofit mission to develop and distribute free online privacy tools. Plus, they make great gifts! You can learn more and sign up here

A new CalyxOS Privacy Champion membership that includes a Pixel 7a pre-flashed with our CalyxOS privacy-focused operating system is $700 for the first year and $10 to renew if you'd like to continue supporting our work maintaining and improving CalyxOS.

CalyxOS offers a suite of features inspired by our core principles of Privacy By Design, like encrypted backups, secure communications, control over when and how your apps communicate, and more. These advances pair perfectly with the Pixel 7a's excellent technological capabilities, including Google's improved Tensor G2 chipset, which provides better performance and faster processing speeds compared to the Tensor G1 chipset in the Pixel 6a. The 7a also features a dual rear camera system, 8GB RAM, up to 90Hz Smooth Display, and wireless charging. You can view more details here

Want to make your CalyxOS phone membership even better? Combine it with our unlimited wifi hotspot membership! Our CalyxOS phone memberships do not come with any wifi or data benefits included, and can be used with any phone or data carrier.

Thank you for your membership and support,

The Calyx Institute

Our Contributor Plus membership level is BACK with the JEXtream 5G hotspot!

We are excited to announce that Contributor Plus memberships will now come with a brand new device: the Franklin JEXtream RG2100! This hotspot supports 5G connectivity, Wi-Fi 6, USB tethering, 5x LTE Carrier Aggregation, and has an internal 4x4 MIMO antenna. As with all Calyx Membership hotspots, wifi data is unlimited and unthrottled.

Sign up for a new Contributor Plus membership to get a JEXtream 5G hotspot + a year of unlimited data. A new Contributor Plus membership is $600 for the first year, and renewal dues are $500/year or $175/quarter.

If you are in the middle of your membership period, you also have the option to order the JEXtream as a replacement device for a $250 donation. Just log in to your account with us, click Devices, and then click Order Replacement Device.

Before you decide if a Contributor Plus membership is right for you, check your area on T Mobile’s map to make sure you have adequate 5G coverage. As with all our memberships, the Calyx Institute cannot offer test hotspots or offer refunds if service is inadequate or non-existent. Our wireless hotspots and data plans are offered as a thank you gift to member donors who support our research into privacy protecting communications technology, and are not a commercial transaction.

You can read more about the JEXtream 5G hotspot here. If there are any other questions we can answer for you about our memberships or the hotspots we offer as membership premiums, please let us know at

Calyx Mobile Hotspots and RV Living are a Perfect Match

Living in an RV offers unparalleled freedom and adventure, but staying connected on the road can be a challenge. In the digital age, where connectivity is key, mobile hotspots are a game-changing solution for RV dwellers. These portable devices give nomads the ability to stay connected, work remotely, and enjoy the conveniences of modern life, while also embracing their wanderlust.

Off the Beaten Path
RV living is all about exploring new destinations, not knowing where you might be tomorrow. Mobile hotspots liberate nomads from the constraints of traditional connectivity options. Unlike fixed internet installations, which are limited to specific locations, mobile hotspots leverage cellular networks, so wherever there is cell service, a hotspot user has full internet access. Calyx's hotspots connect to T-Mobile's US network. Anyone with a Calyx hotspot can stay connected to friends, family, work and school on the go anywhere that T-Mobile's cell network covers. Check out T-Mobile's coverage map here:

Uninterrupted Remote Work
Many RVers work remotely. The best and easiest way to telecommute is by using a hotspot that maintains a reliable internet connection. Mobile hotspots offer consistent internet, allowing RV dwellers to work from home, wherever home happens to be that day. Whether you're a freelancer or remote employee, a Calyx mobile hotspot ensures you can do everything you would do if you were in the office: write, research, communicate, attend meetings, collaborate with colleagues, and meet deadlines.

Low-Maintenance Connectivity
Setting up a fixed internet connection in every new location you choose to stop for a day or two is complicated, not to mention expensive and time-consuming. Mobile hotspots such as the ones Calyx offers its members eliminate the need for multiple subscriptions and installations, providing a hassle-free solution for those who prefer a simpler approach.

Entertainment on the Go
Living on the road doesn't mean sacrificing entertainment. Calyx hotspot memberships allow RVers to stream their favorite shows, movies, games, and music. Whether you're parked in a bustling city or nestled in a serene natural setting, you can enjoy unwinding with your favorite media.

The freedom to explore without sacrificing connectivity, the ability to work remotely, and the cost-effectiveness make mobile hotspots a must-have for modern nomads. Embrace the digital age while enjoying the serenity of RV living – Calyx hotspot memberships are the key to unlocking the full potential of life on the open road.

Of course, it’s not surprising that we think Calyx hotspot memberships are a great choice, but we’re thrilled that the Mobile Internet Resource Center has included us as one of their Top Pick Plans within the Non-Profit tier.

Please check out their review of our Membership Program and see how we stack up against other nonprofit wifi programs here.

Here's their overview of our Sustainer membership, featuring the Mifi X Pro hotspot: Sustainer membership review

They have also done an overview of the Franklin T10 hotspot, currently available with our Contributor membership: Franklin T10 hotspot review