Privacy By Design For Everyone

Projects & Activities

Mobile Internet
Calyx Institute provides thousands of members with high quality, unmetered, unlimited 4G internet.
CalyxOS is an Android distribution inspired by the principle of privacy by design.
Digital services
Digital services offered by Calyx Institute with an emphasis on security and privacy.
Privacy Research
Experiments, software development, and research carried out by Calyx Instituted in the field of digital privacy and security.
Educational Programs
Privacy and digital security education from Calyx Institute
Seedvault Backup is an open-source data backup application for Android.
The Calyx Institute Microgrants and Small Project Support program is designed to support digital security and privacy education and software development through low overhead financial support to external organizations and individuals.
Source Code
Links to the various Calyx Institute software development repositories.
Regional and Local Microgrant Fund
The Regional and Local Privacy Microgrants Fund supports projects working to protect privacy and fight surveillance in local or regional contexts in the United States by disbursing a $50,000 pool of funds through microgrants of up to $10,000 each. Grants support organizations and individuals at the frontlines of the fight to protect our privacy and push back against ever wider and deeper surveillance tools and practices.