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Our Contributor Plus membership level is BACK with the JEXtream 5G hotspot!

We are excited to announce that Contributor Plus memberships will now come with a brand new device: the Franklin JEXtream RG2100! This hotspot supports 5G connectivity, Wi-Fi 6, USB tethering, 5x LTE Carrier Aggregation, and has an internal 4x4 MIMO antenna. As with all Calyx Membership hotspots, wifi data is unlimited and unthrottled.

Sign up for a new Contributor Plus membership to get a JEXtream 5G hotspot + a year of unlimited data. A new Contributor Plus membership is $600 for the first year, and renewal dues are $500/year or $175/quarter.

If you are in the middle of your membership period, you also have the option to order the JEXtream as a replacement device for a $250 donation. Just log in to your account with us, click Devices, and then click Order Replacement Device.

Before you decide if a Contributor Plus membership is right for you, check your area on T Mobile’s map to make sure you have adequate 5G coverage. As with all our memberships, the Calyx Institute cannot offer test hotspots or offer refunds if service is inadequate or non-existent. Our wireless hotspots and data plans are offered as a thank you gift to member donors who support our research into privacy protecting communications technology, and are not a commercial transaction.

You can read more about the JEXtream 5G hotspot here. If there are any other questions we can answer for you about our memberships or the hotspots we offer as membership premiums, please let us know at