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CalyxOS Privacy Champion Membership now includes Pixel 7a phone

Our CalyxOS Privacy Champion membership is back, now with the Pixel 7a as a membership premium! CalyxOS phone memberships are a great way to invest in a more private phone experience, as well as support our nonprofit mission to develop and distribute free online privacy tools. Plus, they make great gifts! You can learn more and sign up here

A new CalyxOS Privacy Champion membership that includes a Pixel 7a pre-flashed with our CalyxOS privacy-focused operating system is $700 for the first year and $10 to renew if you'd like to continue supporting our work maintaining and improving CalyxOS.

CalyxOS offers a suite of features inspired by our core principles of Privacy By Design, like encrypted backups, secure communications, control over when and how your apps communicate, and more. These advances pair perfectly with the Pixel 7a's excellent technological capabilities, including Google's improved Tensor G2 chipset, which provides better performance and faster processing speeds compared to the Tensor G1 chipset in the Pixel 6a. The 7a also features a dual rear camera system, 8GB RAM, up to 90Hz Smooth Display, and wireless charging. You can view more details here

Want to make your CalyxOS phone membership even better? Combine it with our unlimited wifi hotspot membership! Our CalyxOS phone memberships do not come with any wifi or data benefits included, and can be used with any phone or data carrier.

Thank you for your membership and support,

The Calyx Institute