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Our latest grant recipient: The Library Freedom Project

The Calyx Institute is pleased to announce that we are providing a grant to the Library Freedom Project (LFP) to support its work in collaborating with teens to create a set of privacy resources for people ages 13-19 with special attention to the needs of youth in the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color and LGBTQ communities. Teenagers have unique concerns and needs when it comes to protecting their privacy online, and The Calyx Institute looks forward to working with LFP to make sure teens have the resources they need to use the internet safely and without surveillance.

As a leader in the library world, LFP has nearly 100 Privacy Advocates representing privacy and free access to information everywhere from the largest urban public libraries to rural communities. Rather than buying into the myth that “teenagers don’t care about privacy” when it comes to interacting online, LFP’s Privacy Advocates know that the youth in their communities recognize privacy as a critical component of personal agency. LFP’s community of librarians will work with teen library patrons to create high-quality privacy resources for young people to meet the need for a robust set of privacy resources made just for teens, on topics they care about, using language and formats they understand. LFP will build this shareable set of resources with teen patrons for availability to all teens online.

Libraries have always worked to create opportunities for access and close the information gap that often confronts marginalized communities. LFP has exemplified this by pioneering the creation of resources that bring digital privacy education and tech programs into libraries. Since libraries are some communities’ most accessible place to get free computer help and internet access, LFP's efforts are critical in the work of expanding access and agency to the most underserved. To learn more about LFP, please visit

LFP is a privacy-focused nonprofit fiscally sponsored by The Tor Project, one of The Calyx Institute's favorite pro-privacy organizations. To learn more about our work with the Tor Project, please visit

The Calyx Institute’s Micrgrants and Small Project Support program is designed to sustain digital security and privacy education and software development through low overhead financial support to external organizations and individuals. Grants and project support are currently by invitation only. Please visit to see the projects we have supported and learn more about the program.