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COVID-19 and Calyx Institute FAQ

We've received some questions about the impact of COVID-19 / the coronavirus on The Calyx Institute and our membership benefits program. Our top priorities are ensuring the health and well-being of our team and supporting our members and users of our tools.

To this end, we've implemented changes to our operations so that we stay healthy and can continue to support you. Unless you're interested in meeting us in-person, you won't notice any changes. We're monitoring the situation closely and will post an update if anything changes.

Q: I donated to become a member of The Calyx Institute. Will I still receive my membership benefits and wireless hotspot?
A: Yes. Wireless hotspots continue to go out the door Monday through Friday.

Q: Will COVID-19 / the coronavirus impact The Calyx Institute and its membership benefit program?
A: We're working hard to minimize any impact the pandemic will have. Despite this, we're a small team at The Calyx Institute. Whenever one of us is out sick, all our work slows down a little as we pitch in to cover the responsibilities of our teammate while they rest and recover.

Q: Will supply chain disruptions affect the wireless hotspots?
A: We have a stockpile of hotspots with more on the way, and we have not seen any indications that the devices will become unavailable in the near future.

Q: I have a question that isn't answered here.
A: Please email