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SIM Card Replacements

SIM Card Replacements

Attention: Calyx Institute members with Sprint SIM cards! Beginning June 1, 2022, your hotspot will need a T-Mobile SIM card to connect to the T-Mobile network. If your active device is a Mifi M2000, Linkzone 2 or Franklin T9 with a Sprint SIM card, we will be sending you a replacement T-Mobile SIM card in the next two months. To receive this replacement, log in to your Calyx Institute account here and confirm or update the shipping address on your profile by April 8, 2022. Once your address is correct, there is no further action needed on your part.

T-Mobile is incorporating the Sprint network into their 4G/5G networks. You will need a T-Mobile SIM card to maintain access to their network, but your current Sprint SIM card should continue to work until the incorporation is complete in June. We are working with our hardware supplier, Mobile Citizen, to get you a T-Mobile SIM as soon as possible.

If you received a Mifi M2000, Linkzone 2 or Franklin T9 from us before October 2021, then it has a Sprint SIM card that needs to be replaced. You can also reach out to Mobile Citizen (877-216-9603) to check if your hotspot has a Sprint SIM card. Again, you only need to confirm the address on your profile in order to receive your replacement SIM. We don't have replacement SIM cards in stock yet, but we will be rolling them out in the next two months. You should receive tracking information from UPS once your SIM card is shipped.

If you need tech support or help installing your new SIM card, contact Mobile Citizen at 877-216-9603 or For other questions and concerns, check out our help portal.