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Device Troubleshooting

Device Troubleshooting

Tips and tricks for when your devices is acting up.

Having trouble with the hotspot you received as part of your membership with the Calyx Institute? Reach out to our hardware and service provider, Mobile Citizen, at 877-216-9603 or

If you're eager to troubleshoot your device yourself, below are a few tips that may help:

Troubleshooting Franklin R850 & R910

No Internet Access

Note whether in the upper left corner of the hotspot display there are dots or bars showing received signal. The letters “LTE” should also be lit.

Open the rear cover of the device and remove the battery. Look closely at the top and bottom of the battery. They should be flat. If there is any swelling or curving the battery is damaged and should not be used. Using a failed battery is a fire risk. Damaged Battery: If the device is in warranty, stop now and contact Mobile Citizen for warranty replacement of the device. If it is out of warranty, some Franklins may run without the battery using only the charging cable. If it does run, with or without the battery, continue troubleshooting.

If the battery is flat on the top and bottom, replace the battery and turn on the hotspot. Simply disconnecting all power, (no usb connection and removing the battery) for 30 seconds, then restarting the device will clear some issues.

If the problem continues... keep the device ON and do a button reset.

R850: Press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds. The display will show it is resetting. Wait for the hotspot to turn back on.

R910: Press and hold the white reset button for 8-10 seconds. The display will say it is resetting. Wait for the hotspot to turn back on.

If there is still no internet, establish a WiFi connection to the hotspot using either a computer or tablet.

  1. Open up a web browser and in the address field type http://myhotspot . If that does not work try
  2. From the Admin Page, click on "Settings"
  3. On the left side of the screen, click on Device , then Software Update.
  4. Go to the Device Updates section:
    1. Select Update PRL. Click the large Update button on the right. Wait for the PRL updated OK message. Click OK.
    2. Select Update Data Profile, then press the large Update button on the right. You will see a “contacting network” message. Wait for the message to go away.
    3. Select Update Firmware. If the device is up to date, you will see the message “No Update Available”. If there is an update, it can take several minutes for the process to complete.

The device firmware version can also be checked from the “About” screen. See the last four digits of the Modem Firmware version. In the example below, 1196.

The current firmware version is 1630 (as of Dec. 2018). It is usually many months between updates.

If service is still not restored, please call Mobile Citizen technical support at 877-216-9603 for further assistance.