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Unlocking A Device

Unlocking A Device

How to unlock your device so that it can be used on other carrier networks

Unlocking A Device

How to unlock your device so that it can be used on other carrier networks

Your mobile hotspot comes “locked” so that it will only work on the T-Mobile or Sprint networks.

In order to use your device on a different carrier network, it must first be unlocked.


  • We can only submit requests to carrier unlock devices that are in our system. If you did not receive your hotspot from the Calyx Institute, we can’t process your request.

  • Unlocking your device allows you to put a different SIM in the device. It does not allow you to use a Calyx SIM in a different device.

  • Mobile Citizen cannot unlock Mifi 8000 devices.

Step 1. Contact Calyx

Contact us through the help desk and include the IMEI of the device you want to unlock. We will then submit a request to Mobile Citizen to unlock your device.

The IMEI (or MEID) is a unique identifier for your hotspot device itself (not the SIM card inside the device).

There are several options to find your IMEI number:

  • The IMEI is printed on the outside of the box that your device came in.
  • The IMEI is printed under the battery. You will have to pry open the case to check.
  • The IMEI can be discovered in the administration control panel of your device, either the screen on the device (when applicable) or the web interface typically accessible at or Consult the manual of your device for specifics.

Step 2. Wait

Unfortunately, it can take a while. We will write back when Mobile Citizen has replied with confirmation and/or an unlock code.

Mobile Citizen’s current policy is that they can only unlock a device while it is active. If your device is not currently active, we must send Mobile Citizen a temporary reactivation request before sending an unlock request.

Step 3. Once you receive an unlock code:

  1. A non-T-Mobile SIM is required.
  2. Insert the non-T-Mobile SIM into the device.
  3. On a computer or device connected to your mobile hotspot, open any web browser and go to http:/my.MIFI/ or
  4. Click Sign In.
  5. Enter the Admin password then click Sign In.
  6. Click > in the bottom-right corner of the Help panel.
  7. Click Customer Support.
  8. Click Unlock device.
  9. Enter the SIM Unlock code you received from Mobile Citizen in Submit Code.
  10. Click Save Changes.
  11. Restart the device, it should now be unlocked