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CalyxOS Membership

CalyxOS Membership

The mobile operating system you always wanted

CalyxOS is an alternative Android firmware that is user friendly and focused on security and privacy. We made CalyxOS because we believe your phone should be your phone, and not full of security problems and a million trackers sucking up your behavior and data.

With a CalyxOS Membership you can support our work in developing CalyxOS while enjoying the benefit of a phone that comes with CalyxOS pre-installed and ready to use.

You are always free to install CalyxOS yourself, although the process can still be challenging and time consuming. By joining Calyx Institute at one of the following membership levels, you support our work and save yourself the hassle.

CalyxOS Membership Levels

All the following memberships include a new Pixel phone with CalyxOS pre-installed. Unlike our Internet Memberships, our CalyxOS memberships do not include internet connectivity for your device. You will still need to sign up with a mobile carrier. The phones that we include in our memberships should work with nearly any carrier that allows you to use your own device.

All memberships include a Calyx T-shirt for your body and stickers for your laptop.

Name Membership Dues Device
CalyxOS Privacy Champion $700 for first year, $10 thereafter Pixel 7a

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