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How membership referrals work


How membership referrals work

When you refer someone to the Calyx Institute and they sign up for a new membership, both you and the person you refer will receive a free 1 month extension to the term of your memberships.

How does this work? Every membership is assigned a unique referral code. To find your code(s), log into your account at and go to the Referrals tab.

Three steps to refer someone:

  1. Share with someone either your Referral Code or the Referral URL.                   
  2. They use this code or URL when enrolling a new membership.                   
  3. Once the new membership is paid, the 1 month extension will be automatically applied to both your membership and to their membership.          


How will I know if someone has used my referral code?

Once someone completes a new membership sign up using your referral code, you will see it listed under ‘My Referrals’ under the ‘Referrals’ tab on your account.

Do you permanently store information about which members I’ve referred?

No, to preserve your privacy, we destroy records of whom you referred after three months.

Is there a limit to how many people can use my referral code?

No, you can refer as many people as you’d like, and each referral will add another month to your membership.

Are referrals applicable to quarterly memberships too?


Can a referral code be used on an existing account?

Yes, they can be used when adding a new membership to an existing account.

Does the person I refer have to get the same membership level as me?

No, they can get a different membership level.