About our Membership Benefits + Network Map

Get a full year of unlimited wifi data with your Calyx Institute membership!

Become a Calyx Institute member and enjoy benefits like unlimited 4G / LTE wifi data and a mobile hotspot from Sprint!
Calyx members who join at the Contributor level enjoy unlimited wifi 4G / LTE data service for one year plus a Coolpad Surf 4G Mobile Hotspot from Sprint. Members who join at the Contributor Plus level will receive the Inseego MiFi 8000, a mobile hotspot with improved performance and better build quality, as well as a year of unlimited wifi service.

Our unlimited wifi service works in the USA, within Sprint's mobile data service area. To see if our service is right for you, check Sprint's coverage map below. Coverage is not available everywhere in the USA, and varies based on a number of factors. This data plan does not include off-network roaming, and as Sprint puts it "it is subject to any standard network management that Sprint may apply to commercial broadband data-only account users".

Franklin R850 4G hot spot

For more information on the devices, see our wireless equipment page.

When you become a member you help Calyx become self-sustaining and pay its data center bills, keep our Tor nodes going, keep our Jabber service free, keep our free VPN test-bed going, and help us continue to innovate in terms of free educational materials and security services we offer to the public.

Got more questions? Check out our 4G / LTE Frequently Asked Questions.

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How to check if Sprint's 4G / LTE data service is available in your area:

Check your local coverage by visiting Sprint’s Network Map website:

1) Click on the upper right where it says "Get device specific coverage"
2) Click "Select manufacturer" and select either "Insegoo" or "Coolpad" depending on which modem you want to see
3) When a window pops up with the devices under that manufacturer, select either the MiFi 8000 or the Coolpad Surf.
4) Zoom in on your area of the map
5) Look at the yellow and orange – Spark and 4G LTE

Sprint network map detail