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Privacy and Internet Service

Privacy and Internet Service

What information is gathered on you when you use mobile internet from Calyx

Privacy and Internet Service

What information is gathered on you when you use mobile internet from Calyx

Information Stored by Calyx

When you sign up for a Calyx Internet Membership, there are three main pieces for information that you provide Calyx with:

  • Name
  • Shipping Address
  • Payment Information

So that we may ship you a device, we require that you specify a name and shipping address when you enroll (unless you enroll in person).

This information is sent to both Mobile Citizen and T-Mobile.

At any time, you can log in to your member control panel and change this information, which will also update the records maintained by Mobile Citizen and T-Mobile.

We do not validate the accuracy of your name or shipping address.

For credit card payments, Calyx retains a history of every payment you have made and the corresponding PayPal transaction, which is tied to your email address if you have a PayPal log in. Calyx does not have access to your credit card information, only PayPal does.

For cryptocurrency payments, Calyx retains only the receiving address and which coin the payment was made with.

Information Stored by T-Mobile

T-Mobile keeps records of which tower your device is using (which reveals your location), and how much bandwidth it has used.

Unless you have modified your settings to use a different DNS provider (see, T-Mobile also records a list of which domains you have visited and the IP addresses of the sites and services you contact.

Please see the T-Mobile Privacy Center for more information.

Privacy Recommendations

  1. Run a VPN at all times. This prevents T-Mobile from knowing the history of the websites you visit. You can use our free CalyxVPN. For a commercial VPN, we recommend Mullvad.
  2. If you are concerned about the payment records we might retain, you can make your contribution using the popular cryptocurrency of your choice.
  3. Once your device has shipped, you are welcome to change your shipping address at any time. Please note: if you get a warranty replacement, the new device will only be shipped to the shipping address you have on file.