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Calyx Team

Calyx Team

Ayesha T (she/her), Junior Membership Coordinator, is an artist with a background doing administrative work in public higher education and local government. Her artwork often explores thematic intersections of control, gender, and technology.

Brandon Sandoval (he/him), Junior Membership Coordinator, has worked in libraries and nonprofits to educate and build community. He cares deeply about making connections and opening up conversation around the topics of culture, justice, and alternative economies.

Catie Wormwood (she/her), Senior Membership Coordinator, is a member engagement and logistics specialist. Formerly with Habitat for Humanity NYC, she has organized events, managed databases, coordinated fundraising initiatives, and galvanized volunteers to realize community-powered responses to the shortage of affordable housing in NYC.

Chirayu Desai (he/him), Security Research Engineer, has been working on Android and open source software since 2012. He has worked on all things Android, right from the hardware level code to working on various apps. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering and works remotely from Ahmedabad, India.

Ese Udom (he/him), Android and Backend Developer. He has been writing Java since 2012 and Android since 2013. He has worked on a couple of apps for private and government organizations including a human trafficking report app and music streaming app. He works remotely from Nigeria. .

Elijah Waxwing (he/him), Senior Technologist, has been working on the issue of digital justice, autonomous infrastructure, and surveillance of social movements since 2000. He is a software developer, systems architect, information security specialist, and manager.

Jeff Landale (he/him), Operations Director, is a researcher, organizer, and activist focused on technology and politics. He has previously worked for X-Lab, Demand Progress, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Access Now, and elsewhere.

Hans-Christoph Steiner (he/him) is a privacy researcher and UX-focused hacker. He works to fulfill the dream of the phone that fully respects the user and their privacy as part of CalyxOS, Guardian Project, F-Droid, Tor Project, and Debian. Recent work includes "Clean Insights" privacy-preserving metrics, "Tracking the Trackers" app inspection tools, and TorServices embeddable Tor for Android.

Maya Ninova (she/her) is a researcher and consultant with broad international research and mentoring experience in transdisciplinary and multicultural teams. She writes regularly on topics related to design, culture, user behavior and online social phenomena and teaches subjects related to social sciences and applied research. She has special interest in the evolution of the Techno-Anthropology field, understood as a study of the relationship between humans and digital-era technologies not only on interaction level but also its implications for Design and Innovation of technological systems and practices.

Michael Bestas (he/him), Android Developer, has been working on Android since 2012. He has worked mostly on the lower-level parts of Android, bringing CyanogenMod and LineageOS to over 30 device models. He works remotely from Greece.

Oliver Scott (he/him), Android Engineer, has been working on Android since 2016. He has worked on various system-level features and apps as well as the build system and tools. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and works remotely from Ontario, Canada.

Torsten Grote, Senior Android Developer, specializes in Free Software and related aspects of digital freedom such as privacy and security. He started the "Free Your Android" campaign to educate people about how they can use mobile devices in freedom and have their privacy respected. Today, he works on filling the last gaps to make truly free and private mobile phones a reality.

xoraxiom (he/him), Senior Systems Developer and Native Cyber-Mammal, is commonly known to inhabit device nodes in the Debian ecotope of cyberspace, though often ventures into the greater Unix region to pipe a socket file descriptor or hack on automation, hardware, and maths. Always friendly... Probably.