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Calyx Team

Calyx Team

Catie Wilkinson, Membership Coordinator, is a member engagement and logistics specialist. Formerly with Habitat for Humanity NYC, she has organized events, managed databases, coordinated fundraising initiatives, and galvanized volunteers to realize community-powered responses to the shortage of affordable housing in NYC.

Chirayu Desai, Security Research Engineer, has been working on Android and open source software since 2012. He has worked on all things Android, right from the hardware level code to working on various apps. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering and works remotely from Ahmedabad, India.

Elijah Waxwing, Senior Technologist, has been working on the issue of digital justice since 2000. He is a software developer, systems architect, information security specialist, and manager. He wrote his master's thesis on the political economy of surveillance capitalism.

Jeff Landale, Project Manager, is a researcher, organizer, and activist focused on technology and politics. He has previously worked for X-Lab, Demand Progress, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Access Now, and elsewhere.

Torsten Grote, Senior Android Developer, specializes in Free Software and related aspects of digital freedom such as privacy and security. He started the "Free Your Android" campaign to educate people about how they can use mobile devices in freedom and have their privacy respected. Today, he works on filling the last gaps to make truly free and private mobile phones a reality.