Privacy By Design For Everyone

Encourage and enable the use of Tor for anonymity

How The Institute maintain a number of high speed Tor exit servers to enable Internet users from around the world to obtain a level of privacy, anonymity and security in their online communications. ( See Status of Calyx Institute Tor servers here )

In addition, we also encourage users to access our network with enhanced levels of privacy, anonymity and security by making many of our network service available as Tor hidden services and by making sure that we strive to make all of our public facing servers compatible with being accessed over Tor.

Some of the service we currently have available as Tor hidden services include:

Description Hostname Tor hidden service address
XMPP Jabber Server ijeeynrc6x2uy5ob.onion
OpenPGP key Server tsc64wi45alh6rkq.onion website jaeyypqt6sejckus.onion

( more to be added as time allows)

Why We encourage the use of Tor software as a countermeasure against content interception, geo-tracking and relationship mapping.