Privacy Test-bed

LEAPThe Calyx Institute's privacy test-bed is a long-term software development and infrastructure project whose goal is to increase the adoption of privacy and security technology among a wide audience by making it easier to use. It is based on the LEAP Encryption Access Project. You can read about the development roadmap here

What's different about this approach?

Our aspirational goal is to have countermeasures against observation of content, against collection of meta-data, and against geolocation tracking. But this is something that will be worked on in stages.

All communication content will be client-side encrypted, and as much of the metadata as possible. Most importantly, all LEAP services will be based on LEAP's plan for federated secure identity and unmappable routing.

In its first stage it takes the form of a virtual private network client that is designed to be easily usable by people who are not experts in networking.

In later stages the client application will automate the use of public-key encryption to allow users to store email in the cloud in such a way that the email host cannot unlock or read the user's email.

When paired with 4G wireless service which can also be acquired through The Calyx Institute as a benefit of membership, it forms the basis for a set of 'best practices' for service providers, such as public libraries or universities to deploy privacy-focused Internet access services.

To use our testbed software deployment, which is open to the public, go to and download the Bitmask client. Then you can create an account from within the client.