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Android Open Source Project Alliance

The Android Open Source Project (AOSP) Alliance is a collaborative project between privacy and security focused Android-based OS's. Launched April 22nd, 2020, by The Calyx Institute and RattlesnakeOS, AOSP Alliance's initial focus has been to make AOSP run better on Google Pixel devices by developing a shared set of scripts to automate work that different Android-based OS's require.

AOSP Alliance members currently include CalyxOS, #!os, RattlesnakeOS, and Robotnix. These projects were too-frequently duplicating the same work. By bringing them together in the AOSP Alliance, we've reduced redundant work and increased collaboration and idea sharing!

The AOSP Alliance is currently planning on bringing more AOSP code that needs fixing into a common location and developing a web-based flasher. If you're interested in participating or learning more, you can read more about the project on github or by emailing our Lead Android Developer Chirayu Desai at chirayu @ calyxinstitute . org