Your Donations at Work: Tor Nodes!

If you like online privacy, you'll love! Tor protects you by bouncing your online communications around a distributed network of nodes run by volunteers all around the world, so your activity can't be tracked. The Calyx Institute runs 14 nodes in Tor's network, all made possible by the generous support of our members! To check out how much traffic is running through our Tor nodes, click here:


CryptoHarlem is back and ready for action!

We had a great time meeting everyone and learning about all kinds of great cybersecurity resources at yesterday's Cryptoparty! Stay tuned for more announcements about CryptoHarlem events, which the Calyx Institute is proud to sponsor. For more about CryptoHarlem and its mission, check out this video:


CryptoHarlem Party Tomorrow!

The Calyx Institute is proud to sponsor CryptoHarlem parties, where hackers, community organizers and anyone interested in the intersection of tech and activism can meet, mingle and learn from experts about the frontiers of online activism. The next CryptoHarlem party is tomorrow, March 12, 2019 from 6:30-9. Tomorrow's topic: hacking and security jobs in government. Learn more here: